Spell Chek

I got google chrome not to long ago after firefox blew up with how much porn I was downloading. It was screaming and on fire telling me just to uninstall it, but I didn’t and watched it in pain as I could hear the program straining to open fucking facebook. Then firefox just uninstalled itself, which is by the way the closest thing you can get to program suicide. So I opened internet explorer which is collecting dust in my computer and was so excited that someone wanted to open it, it crashed so I had to re-open it and I downloaded chrome. Well back to the back of my computer internet explorer, so you my grow old and die alone. O, getting dark here, anyways chrome has spell check which is so monumentally fucking amazing that I shit my pants when I saw the little squiggly red line show up underneath a mistyped “Massachusetts” . I thought that my computer was possessed by an evil grammar demon, so I immediately closed the internet and threw holy water on my computer. I thought it was blasphemy(I mistyped that word and chrome just spell checked it for me!) This whole functionality is like it was created by Einstein…from the future…who is also a robot! Fuck it, its sick. I can go on facebook attempt to make a status that is memorable or at least funny(which is no small task) and I don’t have to have some douche bag who comments in 20 seconds saying the correct word with an * next to it. Like people who correct what your saying while your fucking talking. “me and Jake…” “JAKE AND I!!!!” “I will tear your fucking tongue out.” “HA, I totally just called you on that, hehe continue” “I will slap you with your own uterus…Phill” Pisses me off.  


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